The press and the audience praises Duo Naranjo-Weurlander ”INFINITY”

(Lira Music Magazine)

“…Duo’s debut album, Entwined, received great reviews and resulted tours and musical collaborations with theaters, radio, film and symphony orchestras worldwide. The swedish-based duo, with chilean pianist Tania Naranjo and the accordionist Minna Weurlander, from finland, is now continuing their interlased music creation with great intensity into the next album, Infinity, which is as infinitely challenging and cross-border as the title suggests…”

 (Finnish Accordion Institute) “…In their skilled hands, the combination of piano and accordion is fine and interesting. The piano’s impact sound and the singing of the melodious accordion contrasts each other, and sometimes they melt together astonishingly beautifully..”

(Orkesterjournalen)“… The two musicians are exquisitely skilled instrumentalists and they convey their music forward with deftness “… alternating heavyness and sharpness and indicating certain sadness …”

 (Songline Magazine)” …Fine performances and interesting ideas.…it´s in moments when the fire or pathos of tango come to the surface that it gets nearest to taking flight…With its closing drama of pounding piano and high-piches accordion, is enjoyably dramatic…”



“The music undulates and dances; dramatic, playful, romantic or toned down, pure and simple. It’s virtuosic and compact at the same time ” (Sydsvenskan)



“The music flows virtuosically; simple and clean, but not without drama and playfulness. Naranjo’s talented experimenting with sounds on the piano along with Weurlander’s captivating accordion opens my senses “(Orkesterjournalen)


“…Sorrow dances with happiness…” (Södermanlands Nyheter)


“The musical dialogue between Tania and Minna is total, and it is renewed in some way each time you hear it.” (Woodwind       News)



“They alternate melancholic, joyous and intimate music. The fact that they play their own compositions is at least as impressive.” (Uppsala’s New Newspaper)


“Rhythmical attacks along with melancholic melodies combine to create a unique atmosphere. Piano and Accordion coalesce as they were one instrument. Only in the performances of Marcel Azzolás and Lina Bossatís we have  heard something as fine as this.” (The Finnish Accordion Institute)





“…De två musikerna är utsökt skickliga instrumentalister och för sin musik framåt med lätthet…”

“…omväxlande då med tyngd och skärpa där en viss sorgsenhet förnämns…”

Recension LIRA






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