NEW productions 2019-2021!

Duo Naranjo-Weurlander is currently working on new programs for Duo & Chamber Orchestra, Duo & String Quartet and Duo & Wind Orchestra. These amazing cooperations will take place with different ensembles in Europe. Music for instance by Tania Naranjo(CHL), Minna Weurlander(FIN) and  Saul Cosentino(ARG). More information to come soon!

We are also very proud  to announce that one of our future productions for 2019 will be ”Master Meeting with DUO NARANJO-WEURLANDER, percussion duo MALLEUS INCUS and composer TOBIAS BROSTRÖM. Premiere Autumn 2019.

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Label Valle Music/MWmusica will release a new album on spring 2019. MINNA WEURLANDER & Pomona String Quartet. Music by Kurt Weill, Saul Cosentino and Minna Weurlander. This production is supported by Sten K Johnsons Stiftelse. Many thanks for the generous contribution!

This program will also tour in Sweden in Jan-Feb 2019.

Contact and booking here  logo










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