Minna Weurlander- bandleader and accordionist. Philp Glass´s Circus Days and Nights at Malmö Opera.

Written by the legendary composer Philip Glass in collaboration with Cirkus Cirkör, Circus Days and Nights is a boundary-blurring performance that weds the spectacle of the circus with the splendour of the opera.
Circus Days and Nights premiered in May 2021 at Malmö Opera. The show is available for touring from 2024.

”Glass’s music, performed beautifully under conductor Minna Weurlander’s wing, is hypnotic. A few simple, up-beat themes are maintained throughout the two-hour runtime and never lose their interest as they are developed in line with the libretto. It’s intoxicatingly atmospheric and fits perfectly with the circus theme. Elin Rombo (who plays the poet as a young man) and Jakob Högström (who plays him as an old man) bring the music to life and act the part with tremendous charm.” https://www.theupcoming.com.uk/

Circus Days and Nights by Philip Glass “….The circus tinge to Glass’ score, which is written for a small ensemble and a dramatic accordionist, Minna Weulander, brings to mind the composer’s early studies with French composer Darius Milhaud, and especially Milhaud’s popular surrealist Cocteau ballet score, “Le Boeuf sur le Toit” (The Ox on the Roof). The Paris premiere featured circus clowns…” Los Angeles Times

Circus Days and Nights by Philip Glass “…I had not intended to single anyone out, yet I find I must give special mention to one person: the sensitive and intense Minna Weurlander, who leads the seven-member orchestra from her accordion…” Swedish Radio

Circus Days and Nights by Philip Glass “…Circular moments are also present in Glass´s music, through characteristic, minimalistic repetitions, where small, almost imperceptible variations constantly alter the phrasing. Brilliantly, the accordionist Minna Weurlander leads the small circus orchestra…” Svenska Dagbladet

Circus Days and Nights by Philip Glass “…Playing music is like riding a unicycle. But the show’s musicians have their tongues in their mouths. They do not tip over, and with Minna Weurlander on accordion, a sound that is perfect for Glass and circus is ensured…Politiken DK

Circus Days and Nights by Philip Glass “…lead by accordionist Minna Weurlander, the fabulous instrumental septet sets the opera going…” Adventures in music

Circus Days and Nights by Philip Glass “…The melancholy of vagabonding is absorbed by the orchestra’s center, the accordion, the poor people´s orchestra, the symphony of the street, magnificently offered up by the ensemble leader and accordionist Minna Weurlander…”/ Vagabonderandets melankoli sugs upp av orkesterns centrum, dragspelet, fattigt folks orkester, gatans symfoniker, magnifikt trakterad av kapellmästaren och accordeonisten Minna Weurlander…” Expressen

Music: Philip Glass
Libretto: David Henry Hwang & Tilde Björfors
Based on the poems of Robert Lax
Conductor: Minna Weurlander
Director & Concept:  Tilde Björfors
Set & costume: Magdalena Åberg
Choreography: Simon Wiborn & Methinee Wongtrakoon
Light: Ellen Ruge & Robert Hvenström
Sound: Avgoustos Psillas
Rigging design: Saar Rombout

Young Robert Lax: Elin Rombo / Margaux de Valensart
Old Robert Lax: Jakob Högström / Anton Ljungqvist
Robert Lax as a child: Methinee Wongtrakoon
Mr Cristiani ringmaster: Simon Wiborn
Mrs Cristiani ringmaster: Karolina Blixt
Mogador eldest son Cristiani, aerial acrobat: Nikolas Pulka
Belmonte, second son, acrobat: Aaron Hakala
Paraito: youngest son, acrobat: Andreas De Ryck
Bruno, former circus star: Lars Johansson Brissman
Julia, sideshow artist: Susanna Stern
Enrico Rastelli, juggler: Peter Åberg
La Louisa, trapeze artist: Pierre Heault
Penelope, aerial acrobat: Bia Pantojo
The Orphan, a lion tamer: Methinee Wongtrakoon




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