The press and the audience praises Duo Naranjo-Weurlander ”INFINITY”

(Lira Music Magazine) “…Duo’s debut album, Entwined, received great reviews and resulted tours and musical collaborations with theaters, radio, film and symphony orchestras worldwide. The swedish-based duo, with chilean pianist Tania Naranjo and the accordionist Minna Weurlander, from finland, is now continuing their interlased music creation with great intensity into the next album, Infinity, which is... Fortsätt läsa mer →


Duo Naranjo-Weurlander’s second album as a duo – Infinity –(2017) is a journey through their musical roots, as well as a collection of original compositions reflecting their individual lives and experiences. Through a constant search for new expression in delivery and composition, the Duo have created their own unique sound and genre. Their music is... Fortsätt läsa mer →


World class duo with passion, sadness, virtuosity and impetuous joy. Two stars on their instruments merge for a cross-border meeting between Chile and Finland. Tania Naranjo’s and Minna Weurlander’s paths crossed through their shared love of Tango Nuevo. It was of course more than just the geographical distance that separated Minna’s childhood in Finland from Tania’s childhood... Fortsätt läsa mer →

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