Valle music / MWmusica creates and presents innovative and unique artistic high quality music productions of various kind.

Valle Music/MWmusica

  • presents artists and projects from all over the world, from world music to classical music, from jazz to Tango Nuevo, orchestral productions and cooperations.
  • produces concerts, music events, and festivals.
  • produces records /label
  • cooperates  with different theatre- ,dance-, performance, film- and TV companies in Scandinavia

We have a large amount of respected cooperators such as Swedish radio and TV, Malmö Opera House, Musik i Syd and Malmö Live.

Artistic leaders, pianist/composer Tania Naranjo and accordionist/composer Minna Weurlander, are two leading instrumentalists based in Sweden where they have been working as soloists and composers during  two decades. They have worked with  diverse music productions in Scandinavia, and as a Duo they have been  performing hundreds of concerts over the world. They have also worked on music commissioned for theatre, television, cinema and ensemble pieces, produced records and cooperated with Swedish Radio and TV.

Both Naranjo and Weurlander have  classical solo educations; Conservatorio Nacional-Faculty of Arts at Chiles University, Malmö Academy of Music and Sibelius Academy in Finland and they have long been recognized as strong profiles and performers on the classical, world and jazz music scenes.  Now they have also taken their place as composers in their own right.

Read more about Tania and Minna

Tania Naranjo     Minna Weurlander





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